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Cover Letter Templates

The design of your application document is the first thing that catches the recruiter's attention. GetCoverLetter offers only effective and professional cover letter templates. Choose the one that suits you best and increase your chances of getting a job interview.

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Best Cover Letter Templates


This is a modern cover letter template with an emphasis on the candidate's name. It has a clear division between addressee and recipient and allows you to apply different colors.
This template is only in this color.


This is a formal layout without additional decorations and creative solutions. It is suitable for applying to any company, regardless of its business documentation requirements.


In this layout, the applicant's contact information is placed at the bottom of the page, using catchy icons. Thus, the recruiter can familiarize themselves with it immediately after reading the document.


This sample contains an original frame whose color can be changed as the user chooses. Contact information is placed after the text and highlighted with thematic icons.
This template is only in this color.


An attention-grabbing design that allows your cover letter to stand out from other application documents. The layout is suitable for job seekers applying for creative jobs and startup companies.


The minimalistic design makes this layout a universal and effective solution for all candidates, regardless of the position.


The applicant's contact information and the company representative data are traditionally located at the top of the page. The design in the corner will prevent the cover letter from getting lost in the recruiter's document folder.


The layout contains a non-standard visual solution on the page's sides, thereby highlighting the main text of the cover letter.


All parts are marked for ease of reading. As a bonus, this cover letter template for the resume allows the applicant to highlight their skills in a separate section and add their photo.


This layout emphasizes the candidate's name and desired position using a unique design for the contact information section.


This simple cover letter template emphasizes the applicant's name and follows the traditional business document structure, making it suitable for any position and industry.


This layout offers graphic icons for the contact information section at the end of the page. The unique visual accents are located on the sides and, therefore, do not distract attention from the main text.


This layout allows for placing a photo at the top of the page and decorating it with an original design. The contact information section is located after the text and titled for quick search.


This standard cover letter template identifies the sender and recipient at the very top of the page. The additional contact section in the bottom corner encourages the recruiter to respond immediately after reading the document.


This catchy design draws attention to the document and proves the candidate's creativity. It is perfect for positions like an artist, graphic designer, photographer, and so on.
This template is only in this color.


The general cover letter template implies a formal document style and traditional section sequence. Contact info is located afloat, which distinguishes it from the recipient data.


The recipient details and the contact section are located alongside the text, which immediately helps the recruiter focus on your self-presentation. This layout also allows for attaching a photo.


This is a simple yet stylish design that meets business documentation standards. The original icons in the contact section draw additional attention.

Why You Need a Template for Cover Letter

Creating a cover letter is a rather time-consuming process. You have to choose strengths for self-presentation, write a few drafts to bring your thoughts to perfection, and finally format the finished text. The latter, in turn, can take up to half of the time spent since the appearance forms the first impression. In this regard, GetCoverLetter offers the following advantages:

A broad color palette for layouts

One-click document formatting

Attractive designs that enhance your message

No misaligned text blocks in Word, WPS Office, and LibreOffice

Full compliance with high standards of business documentation

Increased chances of getting interviews as proven by 78% of GetCoverLetter users

Critical Parts of the Basic Cover Letter Template

GetCoverLetter online builder offers a wide variety of cover letter designs. Whichever template you choose, your document will contain six essential parts. This structure allows you to fit a winning self-presentation on one page and keep it to the point.

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  • 1. Header

    The header necessarily contains information about the recipient of your appeal, be it a recruiter, human resource manager, or an employer directly. This block should include their name, company name, phone number, and email. In generic templates, the header also contains your contact information such as name, address, phone number, and email. Still, some layouts allow you to place this block at the end of your document.

  • 2. Greeting

    This short section opens your appeal and consists of two words, such as “Dear Mr. (Last name)” or “Dear Mrs. or Miss (Last name).” If you can’t find the name of the recipient, replace it with their position, such as “Dear Human Resources Manager.”

  • 3. Introduction

    The opening paragraph of your self-presentation should reveal the purpose of your message. Tell the recipient who you are, what position you want to take, and why. To gain an advantage, mention your professional mission or what you can offer the company in one sentence.

  • 4. Main Body

    This critical part contains 1-2 paragraphs and proves your suitability for the position and your value as a professional. You can use any information that can tip the scales in your favor, such as your technical, soft, or hard skills, work style, personality traits, motivation to join this particular company, your achievements, and so on. Make sure each item is relevant to the selected role.

  • 5. Final Paragraph

    This part sums up all of the above. Use it to express your hope for future cooperation, mention the attached resume and/or portfolio, or just thank the company representative for their attention to your candidacy.

  • 6. Closing

    Complete your letter with one of the closing phrases acceptable in business correspondence, like "Sincerely," "Best regards," "Kind regards," etc. After that, skip one line and write your name or affix a signature.

How to write a Job-Winning Cover letter

A job-winning cover letter emphasizes individual strengths and characteristics that make you the right person for the job you want. It does not have a single success formula. Nevertheless, we have selected the most popular self-presentation templates to simplify your task.

Craft a Professional Cover Letter Template

If you are an expert with an extensive track record, share your accomplishments in the industry and related roles. Accurate numbers and data always grab the employer's attention.
“I ran the gamut of the sales field, from a junior sales manager to the department head in 5 years. During this time, I exceeded my individual sales plan 10 times by 20% on average, developed an effective strategy and scripts for the team, and exceeded the overall department plan by 80%.”

Entry-Level Specialist Cover Letter Template

If you are an industry newcomer, focus on the professional skills you have mastered by now. Also, mention your desire to grow and learn from the company employees.
“The associate advertising manager position at AA Corporation is a unique opportunity to adopt your specialists' best practices and see the industry’s inner workings. My marketing awareness helps me clearly define the target audience of the product and its needs to create an engaging advertising message. Through creative thinking, I will be able to present the unique characteristics of a product in a favorable light, thereby increasing its competitiveness. I believe that this skill set will allow me to become a worthy team member.”

Remote Employee Cover Letter Template

If you want to work from home or anywhere in the world, prove yourself a responsible employee who can work without constant supervision. For this purpose, tell about your personality traits and soft skills.
“I understand that remote collaboration imposes additional responsibilities on me as an employee. But rest assured, my sincere desire to join MM Inc., time management skills, and self-discipline will help me cope with it. I always keep track of project deadlines and correctly allocate time between tasks, which allows me to avoid delays. Besides, I am a result-oriented person with a strategic plan for each goal.”

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FAQ About Cover Letters

  1. Should I attach a photo to the cover letter?

    Attaching the applicant's photo in a resume or cover letter is uncommon in the United States and the United Kingdom. If you are applying for a position in these countries, feel free to choose a template with no photo space.

    In other countries, adding a photo is more optional than necessary. Therefore, if the job description or company website does not contain precise requirements for application documents, choose a design at your discretion.

    However, keep in mind that the photo can be a crucial selection criterion when candidates' appearance matters, such as actors, TV presenters, fashion models, and so on, regardless of the country.

  2. Can I use colored templates for my cover letter?
    A cover letter is primarily a business document that should present you as a professional. Therefore, an excessive riot of colors can distract the attention from the text. However, creative design is appropriate if:
    • It is placed on one part of the page and does not affect the text itself. In this case, your document is still easy to read and understand.
    • The layout contains the color scheme of the company to which you are applying. Such coincidence can bring you extra points. To achieve it, browse the company's logo, products, and website.
    • You apply for a position where your originality and aesthetic sense matter. The creative cover letter template encourages the recruiter to jump to your portfolio.
  3. What font should I use in my cover letter?

    Your cover letter text is not a place to get creative. The recruiter should quickly grasp the essence of your message and focus on your self-presentation. Each GetCoverLetter template contains plain and standard fonts like Times New Roman, Calibri, Arial, Verdana, etc. They fit into the overall design and allow the recruiter not to waste time parsing every word in your document. Therefore, you do not need to change them yourself. However, if you still want to make adjustments, you can always modify the font style and size in our editor.

  4. What is the most appropriate length for a cover letter?

    The optimal length for a cover letter is one page. It should be no more than 3-4 paragraphs. To achieve this, focus on skills, personality traits, and achievements that are valuable to a particular employer and prove your expertise in the chosen industry.

  5. Can I edit the document prepared by the GetCoverLetter builder?

    Sure! You always get a preview of the finished document. If you want to change some paragraphs in your self-presentation, feel free to return to work in the editor. You can also adjust the text manually by adding information about your achievements, education, or motivation. Once the final version of the cover letter meets your expectations, you can send it to the recruiter via email, download it in PDF format, or print immediately.

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